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First man Mathieson says Men’s sheds will replace Lions Clubs?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s partner, Tim Mathieson, is quoted on the
Sydney Morning Herald website and WA Today  1. as commenting:

“It used to be rotaries, it used to be Lions clubs, sheds is the way to
go now and it is certainly growing at a rapid rate.”

Lions applaud the work being done in Men’s sheds to mentor young people
around Australia – some of our 1400 clubs have “Men’s sheds” as part of their
broad community portfolio.  It is a bit
of a stretch, however, to suggest that the sheds will replace service clubs
within Australia.

Lions works with 2500 young people each year through our Youth of the
Year program, we have over 1000 youth members in our Leo Program and are
building the ranks of young people within our clubs.

For all the great work that ‘Men’s sheds” do, they will not replace our
clubs’ efforts in disaster recovery during Black Saturday, the Toodyay
Bushfires, Cyclone Yasi or the Queensland floods to name a few.

Men’s sheds won’t be investing in critical medical research programs to
solve children’s cancer, create Gardasil and the Bionic Ear, or to resolve
Spinal Cord injury.

And Men’s Sheds won’t carry out the thousands of weekly community service
projects that help the most disadvantaged in our community.

Lions Clubs have been working in Australia since 1947, and will soon
celebrate our 100th anniversary of international community work.

We wish the very best to the many community volunteers working in Men’s
Sheds, community sporting groups, school tuckshops, beaches, our fellow service
clubs and throughout our lucky nation!

Rob Oerlemans
Executive Officer
Lions Australia

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About lionseo

Rob Oerlemans is the Executive Officer of Lions Australia - one of Australia's best known Service Club Organisations. Lions is part of Lions Clubs International with more than 1.3million members in 206 countries. Find out more and come and play a part.


2 thoughts on “First man Mathieson says Men’s sheds will replace Lions Clubs?

  1. Thanks to our Prime Ministers office, we recieved a quick and positive response to this one.

    “Dear Mr Oerlemans
    Many thanks for your correspondence dated 22 September 2011.
    Mr Mathieson recognises and supports the wonderful work of Lions Australia and other service
    organisations. I was at the event in Fremantle, and know Mr Mathieson intended to suggest that
    Men’s Sheds can serve as an extension to the work carried out by organisations like yours.”

    Posted by lionseo | October 20, 2011, 12:29


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