Lions and Top Taste send Christmas cheer to our Troops!

Lions cakes on their way

Lions Christmas Cakes have become synonymous with an Australian Christmas – and what better way to thank  and care for our hardworking Australian troops than provide them with a taste of home.  Lions with the generous support of our Cake supplier, Top Taste foods has done that for the last few years.

Following a call from Marcelle Smith representing the spouses of Australian forces in Townsville to Lions Cake Chairperson Ray Hall, the wheels started turning.

Image of military woman with Lions Cake

Marcelle told Lions:

“A group of spouses, based in Townsville, have rallied together
to create some Christmas cheer for our loved ones whilst they are missing out on
spending Christmas at home with their families. 
We also want to ensure that the troops know that there are members of
the public in Australia who appreciate their efforts and the sacrifices they
are making.”

Lions contacted our Christmas Cake Supplier at Top Taste, a subsidiary of George Weston Foods.  Without balking Top Taste jumped a the chance to help with 1440 individual cakes donated to make Christmas in Afghanistan a little nicer.

Lions Cake photoOf course, it’s no mean feat to transport 3 pallets of cakes into a war zone so Lions is relying on the expert support of the Army logistics to get the cakes safely and quickly to Afghanistan.

A great team effort – AND a nice Christmas story.

Rob Oerlemans
Executive Officer
Lions Australia

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