Distinction, Lasting Legacies, Friendship and Responsibilities

From PDG Elvio Munzone

Membership Director
Lions Club of Lugarno 201N5

Elvio and Gae Munzone
Elvio and Gae Munzone

Membership in Lions offers a distinction found in few other organisations. A distinction Lions have enjoyed since our earliest days, a distinction which will remain as one of our greatest legacies to future generations.

The prestige of being a member of the world’s leading service club organisation is in itself a unique distinction.

What we have achieved with Campaign Sight first and other Lions Projects honour each member.

The close and lasting friendships developed as we work on Club activities stand out as special benefits of Lions Club membership. What truly sets us apart goes beyond just being a member, and makes it possible for that membership to be prestigious, meaningful and satisfying, that distinction is responsibility.

A sense of responsibility is the quality that defines a progressive and enlightened society.
A society that is based on accountability, good judgment and trust.

We Lions give of our time and our talents not because we are ordered to do so, nor for the prospect of any reward, but in the knowledge that doing something for someone else, and doing it well, represent a special personal commitment.

Many people believe that responsibilities are better avoided, but Lions seek out responsibility, embrace it and then fulfil it.

Our greatest challenges have been with us since 1917, the challenge to offer to other qualified people the dual opportunities of community service and personal fulfilment that comes with membership of our great organisation.

Identifying and inviting qualified men and women to join us is a responsibility shared by all Lions. We all must seek out those friends, acquaintances and associates who are not yet Lions but who possess the qualities that characterise Lions.

We must give them the opportunity to become full participants in our organisation and gain the satisfaction and prestige that come with membership.

If prospective members attend a meeting, will our activities, operations and image appeal to them? We must be flexible in our approach and meet the challenge of changing community attitudes. A club that fails to review its operations and programs from time to time in the light of our Code of Ethics and our Lions Club Purposes may be losing sight of our original purpose and endangering its own success.

Perhaps the greatest act of being a volunteer is to give of our time. To volunteer is to forget even for a short period of time, that we are the centre of the universe, to forget ourselves and instead to place that focus on our fellow human beings.

It is an opportunity to cease being selfish, even for just a moment.

The life of a Lions Club is made up of those who have volunteered their time, their money, their life. It includes those who at every opportunity have a good word to say about the mission of Lions Clubs International. If to volunteer is to give of your time and efforts then I believe that every act of volunteerism has consequences. The person that receives this act is given joy, relief, assistance in an otherwise difficult moment. This act changes their thoughts, their words, their actions and sometimes their whole life.

I personally am aware of many instances where volunteering has resulted in many positive outcomes.

On an individual basis I believe that our hearts are made a little brighter and lighter.
Volunteers give of themselves only to find that they are repaid with interest and out of that embarrassment for these gifts go and try again and again.

Above all try to ensure that you have fun. I believe that we Lions working together can mould the future to our will; we have to seize the opportunity now, let’s accept the responsibility for the future, as we strive to achieve our membership goals.

2 thoughts on “Distinction, Lasting Legacies, Friendship and Responsibilities

  1. ” Volunteers give of themselves only to find that they are repaid with interest and out of that embarrassment for these gifts, go and try again and again.”

    Elvio, I have not heard this before, but I believe you have caught the essence of being a Lion.

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