Vale Gavin Jones

Gavin Jones

This year Australia lost an extraordinary individual, Gavin Jones, founder of Deadly Vibe and The Deadly’s – the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Music, Sport, Entertainment & Community Awards.

I met Gavin around 30 years ago when I was working in field of youth empowerment and youth leadership. He was among many outstanding individuals I had the pleasure to work alongside, most of whom I have lost touch with. In fact, the last time we met in person was when I was attended his 21st birthday celebration, sharing the hospitality of his friends and family in Goulburn.

When I read about the loss of this wonderful Australian, I must admit that it took some time to connect him with THE Gavin Jones that I knew so many years ago.

I was surprised (perhaps I shouldn’t have been) to read of Gavin’s many significant accomplishments in shining a bright and positive light on the achievements of Indigenous Australians.  This life’s work was consistent with the character of the Gavin I knew; positive, happy, sociable and absolutely dedicated to his friends and community.

Too much of modern life is focussed on negativity, criticism and unproductive activity.  Gavin’s work with the many “Deadly” projects was about celebrating achievement, success, optimism and a positive outlook.


It’s worth reading Gavin’s own words.


Rest in peace my friend.


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