Beards are in

Word is that beards are in.

We are at a rare time in Movemberour history where even fine-boned, chiselled male models are sporting facial hair. Though that is not a description of this fella, for  me beards have been in for a long time.

Today’s fashion for follicles poses a small challenge for the good folk at “Movember”.  Time was that all they had to do was to convince the punters to stop shaving their top lip for a month. Now, of course, they have to convince some of us to return to “factory settings” before even starting the process.  So this morning, I dusted off an ancient razor and rebooted.

The Movember Foundation supports programs focussed at a number of health issues facing us blokes; testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental illness. As a bloke, and a Lion, that is something that I think is worth taking the drastic step of a short, cleanskin phase. They tell me it will grow back, but looking at the top of my head, I am not so sure.

These health issues are coincidentally, high on the priority list for Lions Australia;  we have our own Lions Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Project and this year, we are ‘Joining Hands” with beyondblue to raise awareness about mental illness and depression.

The pitch

  1. Importantly, this is about raising money so if you would like to help the Movember Foundation, follow this link to my fundraising page. Rob’s Fundraising page.
  2. If you are a Lion and would like to join in, drop me a note and you can join the Lions Australia team.
  3. Although I encourage you to support Movember, the important thing is to get behind men’s health. Other ways you can help is by donating to the Lions Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Project.

Thanks for helping, and here is an historical, “Easter Egg” to thank you for reading.

Long ago, when I was a young pup of 24 years of age, I recall being stopped for 3 hours in Australian immigration, on return from New Zealand. After exhaustive searches, questions, and complimentary cleaning of microscopic specs of New Zealand soil from my running shoes, I was released without complaint or charge.  

Looking back at my passport photo at the time, I suspect I may have been a victim of physical ‘profiling’! :

Rob at 24
Rob at 24


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