Musing on Movember – Halfway

Those of us who dislike the daily shave have a lot of options.  Full beard, goatee, moustache (with or without the flavour-saver), the Shenandoah, the ‘Western Walrus’ the lion-mane favoured by the Pennsylvania Dutch; the list goes on.


Day 11-13 - Already bored with selfies - smlThere are only three styles I have never tried.  The ‘Pennsylvania Dutch’ style will never grace my repertoire; why would one go to the trouble of shaving the face while leaving hair to grow beneath?  I have never gone the full Santa Clause, although I am certain that one day I will.  The ‘Santa Clause’ is however NSFW, so it will need to wait for a suitably long break sometime in the future.

Until November 2014, despite 30 odd years opportunity, I have never simply worn a moustache without a supporting cast of facial hair; at least a goatee.  So there is some uncertainty and concomitant risk with this endeavour.  Will I be Errol Flynn, Tom Selleck, Robert Goulet; or will I head down the sleazy salesman or 1970’s cop show route?  I’ll let you be the judge.

Of course, this is about Men’s Health, not a vain desire to channel my inner Ron Burgundy.

Joining Hands

One of the very worthy causes supported by the Movember Foundation is beyondblue.  This year, Lions is partnering with beyondblue in the Joining Hands’ Project.  For 12 months, Lions Clubs around Australia are hosting beyondblue’s speakers to crank up attention, discussion and action on mental illness and depression.  Just last week I attended the Elermore Vale Club to listen to the inspirational story of local Novocastration, Richard Hall as he spoke about his challenges and success in dealing with this issue, that affects more than 1 in 5 Australian’s.

Like to help?

Did I tell you I’m raising money for this important cause. If you’d like to help, please go to MOBRO.CO/lionsaustralia.  Not a single cent of your donation will be spent on razor blades!

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