Hair today…more tomorrow

Rob doing Movember
Final Movember shot

It’s over friends and colleagues; my first Movember.

Shaving the non-moustachio’d areas has been less of a chore than I expected. Hey, I managed to do it most days and often without finishing looking like a scene from CSI Miami. Interestingly my youngest son was most amused at the amount of beardy stubble left on my chin, post shave.  It seems I have a chin as shave-resistant as Fred Flintstone or Homer Simpson.

The hardest  part was to maintain an effective growing environment in my home.  A continuous loop of Skyhooks, Sherbet and Australian Crawl feeding into my earphones and Cop Shop, Homicide and Number 96 on the television. Hardest to take was the enlarged photograph of Leonard Teale posted to the ceiling above my bed for subliminal follicle stimulation.

(I know that the previous paragraph will seem like provincial Dutch to anyone under the age of 35!)

This final post is mainly to display the evidence, thank my contributors who have so kindly donated their coin and to make one final pitch before I put the razors into cryogenic storage.




Rob MoOerlemans

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