RUOK? Time to give your missing member a friendly phone call

Three elders croppedRUOK (Are you OK?)

It’ s that time of year again. The time when we look through our member lists and consider what we should do about those members who we haven’t seen for a while.

It’s very tempting to make judgements about why they haven’t been around.

  • Too busy?
  • Disinterested?
  • Can’t afford it?
  • Don’t care?

And with that judgement there comes a ‘stroke of the pen’ and we lose two hands towards our humanitarian work.

lions jump - smlMy wish is that we change “Membership Cleanout” time to “RUOK” time.

You can describe our organisation in many ways.  “We make things happen”. “We serve” “The worlds largest service club organisation”.  One descriptor though, says it all for me.  “WE CARE”.

Everything we do in our organisations is an expression of how we care, for our community, for people in need, for those in trouble.  Most importantly however, it is an expression of how Lions care for their own Lions family and members.

So June 2015 is RUOK month for Lions and our absent members.

Don’t send an e-mail:

Make that telephone call.

Visit the home of your absent member.

See how they are going.


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