A glimpse into our history

worfoldLast year I received a mysterious package from the family of the late Lion Roy Worfold.  Roy’s family were sorting his belongings and found this 16mm film with the title “What is a Lions Club”, dated 21 April 1969. The label on the can indicated it had been produced in Chicago.  The family indicated that Roy had been commissioned by Lions Clubs International to produce this film, but had little other information.

Our directory shows that Lion Roy served on the Lions Council from 1965 to 1966.

Despite being intrigued to hold a film that was produced in the year of the first successful moon landing, it’s not that easy to find a lazy 16mm projector to view the film and assess its worth.  So it sat in my office for a while.

A few weeks ago I was pressed to finalise our Lions Centennial presentation that will be part of a travelling display for our region and was struggling to find a suitable short video to include.  We have a range of productions, but nothing seemed to fit.

So I decided to ‘take a punt’, ship the film off for converting to video and see if we had a gem.

I was pleased to discover a very delightful piece of Australian Lions history.  This video that focussed on Lions Clubs in Queensland, highlighted a number of club, their activites and projects.  Although from the ‘blokey’ Lions era (over 33% of our current Lions are women), it shows that many of our values have remained unchanged over time.  Service to the community, friendship and fun, and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get things done.

The themes:  helping people with a disability, environmental projects, urban
improvements, medical research and leadership development, remain relevant.

A particular highlight was a few scenes focussed on one of our most successful Youth Programs, the Youth of the Year Program. I wonder if anyone recognises the faces?  Those boys will be in their mid-60’s by now.  What did they achieve, or are still achieving?

I wonder if you recognise any of the Lions in the video?

Lions Clubs International turns 100 next year and in Australia and PNG, it will be our 70th anniversary.

As we approach the next 100 years of Lions, how would we like the Lions of the next millenia to reflect on our achievements?

Enjoy, share and comment.

Rob Oerlemans

Executive Officer


5 thoughts on “A glimpse into our history

  1. Thanks Rob. Like the accompanying funny ones too. Also your Centennial presentation. Haven’t gone through all that’s included but looking good. Warm regards, Marguerite 0425 708 732

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  2. Rob, a real “gem” wonderful, I assume it’s gone to all the Clubs.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Elvio Munzone

    Past District Governor 201N5


    02 93113146


    Bill Gates’ $30 million challenge to Lions

    Click here to see what Bill Gates says about Lions and why he is helping our fundraising efforts. We are vaccinating tens of millions of children in the world’s poorest countries against measles. LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation) is making this happen.


  3. Dear fellow Lions, I first joined Lions in Penguin, Tasmania in 1964-65 so I pre-date the video by a few years. When I joined we had a membership in the high twenties made up of young to middle age men from so many different walks of life and skills that not much could get past what we did as projects within our community. Sadly more than 80% of those people have passed away with only one remaining Charter Member.
    Then came the hiatus with a break from Lions due to work commitments, but returned in August 1985 and am still involved as I am able.
    When I saw this post on Face book I decided to take a closer look at what was being offered to view. That video is now downloaded as an MP4 video, Android compatible and may be projected at any club, Zone, or Regional meeting in our District 201T1. It is just a matter of asking for a copy on a memory stick.
    You comments Rob Oerlemans, have been attached so that we are all working off the same page of the book.
    Thank you to the donor for making the film available. Valuable history now available to us all.
    Kind regards,
    John, C Medwin
    LEHP Chairman
    District 201T1

  4. This is an interesting look at the projects carried out by Lions Clubs in the 1960’s.

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