New Leadership opportunities

Rob smallerLions Clubs International thrives on the skills, experience and commitment of our volunteers. It also provides the opportunity for our members to extend themselves beyond their professional experience, into new roles.

I’m pleased to announce some new opportunities for members with particular skills and experience.

14743511416_8852a71966_oDeputy Legal Officer

The Lions Australia(MD201) Legal Officer position is a critical role.  It provides important support and advice to the Multiple District Council and others on matters related to the Constitution, By-Laws, Council Policy and Convention resolutions.  It also provides advice to the organisation on the compliance with the laws of the land. In recent times, this includes matters related to tax and Deductible Gift Recipient status, business compliance, child protection and conflict resolution

The Multiple District Council is seeking a qualified, practising lawyer to support our very respected Legal Officer in the delivery of this role.

Yarloop.jpgDisaster Recovery Advisory Team (2 positions)

The Multiple District Council is exploring the concept of a Disaster Recovery Advisory Team.  The team will work with our 19 Lions Districts to better understand the diversity of approaches each District takes in disaster relief, management and recovery. The Team will provide advice to Districts seeking support on this traditional role of many Lions clubs.

The team will meet by teleconference and is seeking a Chairperson with experience in a Disaster Management role and an Information Technology/Communications Officer.

National Diabetes Coordinator

Combatting Diabetes has been adopted by Lions Clubs International to join our other four key service areas of Hunger Relief, Paediatric Cancer,  Youth, Environment and Vision.

The Multiple District Council has created the new position of National Diabetes Coordinator to drive our response to this service area. The position, within the Global Service Team area, will work with the District’s to identify and promote Diabetes Service initiatives within Australia and Papua New Guinea.

For more information, go to the Vacancies and Appointments Section of the Lions Australia Website.

Vacancies and Appointments

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