Rob Oerlemans is the Executive Officer of Lions Australia - one of Australia's best known Service Club Organisations. Lions is part of Lions Clubs International with more than 1.3million members in 206 countries. Find out more and come and play a part.
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A glimpse into our history

Last year I received a mysterious package from the family of the late Lion Roy Worfold.  Roy’s family were sorting his belongings and found this 16mm film with the title “What is a Lions Club”, dated 21 April 1969. The label on the can indicated it had been produced in Chicago.  The family indicated that … Continue reading

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It’s DonateLife Week

DonateLife Week is from 31 July 2016 to 7 August 2016. The week is promoted by DonateLife, the Organ and Tissue Donation Authority. Lions Australia is a signatory to DonateLife’s National Communication Charter and we adopted our own policy regarding Organ and Tissue Donation at our National Convention in Echuca. You can read it here, but … Continue reading

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RUOK? Time to give your missing member a friendly phone call

RUOK (Are you OK?) It’ s that time of year again. The time when we look through our member lists and consider what we should do about those members who we haven’t seen for a while. It’s very tempting to make judgements about why they haven’t been around. Too busy? Disinterested? Can’t afford it? Don’t … Continue reading

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A perspective on the Lions Centennial

From Lion Elvio Munzone Centennial Coordinator Lions District N5 Fellow Lions, Lioness and Leos Our Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving 100 million people by 2018 I fear that few people when asked to give a definition of greatness would speak of service to others.  Our Clubs have excelled in service to others. We are … Continue reading

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Young South Australians, We Serve

Lions often wonder about how we encourage younger people to form clubs and become Lions.  There is no better way to find out than to ask a young Lion. Here is a story from a young club full of them! Rob Oerlemans Written by Lion Glynn Jones Adelaide University Lions Club. 12 months ago if … Continue reading

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Hair today…more tomorrow

It’s over friends and colleagues; my first Movember. Shaving the non-moustachio’d areas has been less of a chore than I expected. Hey, I managed to do it most days and often without finishing looking like a scene from CSI Miami. Interestingly my youngest son was most amused at the amount of beardy stubble left on … Continue reading

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Musing on Movember – Halfway

Those of us who dislike the daily shave have a lot of options.  Full beard, goatee, moustache (with or without the flavour-saver), the Shenandoah, the ‘Western Walrus’ the lion-mane favoured by the Pennsylvania Dutch; the list goes on.   There are only three styles I have never tried.  The ‘Pennsylvania Dutch’ style will never grace … Continue reading

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Beards are in

Word is that beards are in. We are at a rare time in our history where even fine-boned, chiselled male models are sporting facial hair. Though that is not a description of this fella, for  me beards have been in for a long time. Today’s fashion for follicles poses a small challenge for the good … Continue reading

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Nine Millions Reasons to be optimistic

I received a post on Facebook today that Mareeba Lions Club have inducted their first woman into the club. Many comments of congratulations followed, by more than one noting;  “It’s about time”. Of course it is, but the most important thing for Mareeba to celebrate is that it has happened,  and that Mareeba is actively … Continue reading

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Australian Leo of the Year – Joel Pattinson – Cashman’s

In Joels own words. My name is Joel Pattinson-Cashman, and I am lucky to, this year, have won the Australian Lions – Leo of the Year Award. When asked to write this blog, I found it to be a remarkable opportunity, to hallmark the efforts of us as youth, and to showcase our efforts in … Continue reading

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